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Our past events

Below you will find information about the past events hosted by Labour Friends of the Forces. If you would like to find out what we have planned for the coming year you can do so HERE

Maj Gen (Retd) Herbert with Child in Sierra Leone

Lessons from Ebola

Wednesday 27 January at 6:30pm

Major General (Retd) Charlie Herbert joined an event with Labour Friends of the Forces and Co-Chairs Stephen Morgan MP and Sarah Church to discuss his experiences as a Commander on OP GRITROCK, the UK’s response to the ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

To find out more about what was discussed and to read an informative write up from our Treasurer Toby Dickinson, follow the links below.

In Conversation with…

Wednesday 27 January at 6:30pm

Labour Friends of the Forces were fortunate to be joined by local councillors Owen Pritchard, Alasdair Ross, Nadia Martin and Andy Newman to discuss all things local government and how the Labour Party can better support veterans and those in the Armed Forces Community.

As either veteran themselves or a part of the Armed Forces Community, this event proved extremely popular and therefore there will be a follow-up event in due course.

To find a recording of the event follow the link below.

Blurred image of 2 Labour Campaigners with the text LFF in Conversation with...
Integrated Review Image

Understanding the Integrated Review: What next for Labour?

Wednesday 27 January at 6:30pm

Co-Chair Sarah Church joined the Labour Foreign Policy Group and Labour Campaign for International Development to discuss the recently released Integrated Review and what it means for our Armed Forces. This is a recording of the event.

In Conversation with: The US Naval Institute and Admiral Lord West

Wednesday 27 January at 6:30pm

We were joined by Admiral Lord West, a former First Sea Lord, and Captain Hamblet, Director of Periodicals and Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, the publication of the United States Naval Institute for an In Conversation With… an event where we talked about how the British and United States Navies work together on joint missions.